Max Ads - the number 1 Google Ads advertising service in Canada

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    Max Ads - the number 1 Google Ads advertising service in Canada

    If you are researching and considering choosing an effective global advertising service today, this is an extremely useful article for you.

    Through this article, we will tell you why you should choose Max Ads' Google Ads advertising service in Canada among countless agencies.

    Before going into advertising services, we will give you a clear understanding of benchmarks as well as important things to keep in mind when you are starting to outsource or do your own Google Ads services in Canada.

    Google Ads Strategy - Max Ads

    1. What is the Google Ads benchmark in Canada?

    To evaluate the quality of any ad, Google will rely on a scale of 1-10 and will be evaluated based on the displayed content and landing page content.

    Ads with higher quality scores may offer lower prices and better ad positions. Quality Score is an aggregate estimate of your overall performance.

    2. Important notes about the Google Ads Benchmark for Canada


    Multi-channel advertising in Canada

    Google Ads scoring method in Canada

    • Based on cost per click (CTR)

    • User experience with landing page

    • Cost per conversion and average conversion rate for each industry.
    (The Google Ads benchmarks listed above are only relevant to Google Ads advertisers in Canada)

    Reasons to care and understand Google Ads benchmarks in Canada

    • Benchmarks are useful for comparing your Google Ads campaign performance with similar companies or competitors.

    • Google Ads benchmarks are used as additional information to better understand your industry.

    • Is a measure of the best performance for your campaign in Canada.

    • A good Google Ads benchmark can bring you high profits.
    3. Reasons to choose Max Ads for your Google Ads advertising campaign in Canada


    Professional advertising in Canada

    Max Ads (Max Ads Joint Stock Company) is a leading company in the field of multi-channel media and advertising, specializing in providing effective marketing solutions to reach and convert potential customers with high success rates. highest merit.

    We operate with a wide scope. Within the territory of Vietnam and some major countries in the world such as the United Kingdom, the United States, especially Canada,...

    Committed to always accompanying you and understanding the scoring method of Google Ads in Canada, thereby providing appropriate development solutions and bringing your business to success with the utilities we provide today. :

    Elite team, dedicated to consulting and knowledgeable in multiple industries

    We are highly trained experts in every aspect of Google Ads. Understand the operating mechanisms and policies of every country, especially CANADA, update new changes, and apply the most advanced methods.

    In addition, we are proud of the diversity of experience of our staff, from small advertising campaigns to large campaigns. As well as extensive market knowledge, our team of experts can read the market and competitors and build unique and effective advertising strategies.

    Consulting and planning multi-dimensional strategies

    We provide rigorous strategic consulting, including:

    • Competitor analysis and market research

    • Keyword research and campaign positioning

    • Build a unique advertising strategy, ensuring benchmarks

    • Optimize landing pages and user experience
    Track and report detailed information

    We provide detailed reporting on campaign performance, helping you understand the number of views, clicks, and conversions from every ad.

    You can clearly understand how effective the strategy is compared to expectations and have appropriate change plans.

    Currently, Max Agency is running multi-channel advertising with a number of outstanding services such as:

    Google Ads Service

    Facebook Ads service

    Facebook Scan Account

    Google Invoice Account

    Sectors in Black Hat

    Hope the information we share is useful to you. Please contact us right here for more detailed advice!

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